Pulau Besar

Mersing is a coastal town on Peninsular Malaysia’s east coast. The city itself is not what you would call one of Malaysia’s must have seen visits, and yet it is a town that sees many tourists because from Mersing you have access to some of the most beautiful islands in the South China Sea.

There are more than a dozen islands off the coastal town of Mersing. Not all of them are inhabited and some of are under nature conservation and thus not open to public. However, there are still enough islands to choose from, making it hard to decide which one is your best choice. Here are our recommendations:

  • If you are looking for a beach party with friends, go to Pulau Rawa
  • If you are in for a luxury weekend with great accommodation and food, Batu Batu is your place.
  • Looking for peace and simplicity? Go to Pulau Besar and book the Beyu Lestari or opt for Pulau Tinggi‘s TAd resort
  • Some of the best snorkeling and diving options you will find on Tioman. Check out the beautiful Tunamaya resort

With the exception of Tioman, a part of Pahang, all these islands belong to the state of Johor. Located in the protected zone of the Sultan Iskandar Marine Park, they are open from March to October, outside the monsoon season.