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Yes 5G has started offering a brand new postpaid plan that offers a whopping 100GB of data for a very affordable price. The plan, dubbed Yes Power 35, costs RM35 per month for that sizeable quota while the carrier is also introducing a limited-time rebate offer for its higher-tier plans.

The Yes Power 35 package provides 100GB of both 4G and 5G data with uncapped speeds, although the latter will depend on whether your area has 5G coverage. This data cap is shared with your hotspot allocation, meaning that with this plan, you can use up to 100GB of hotspot as well for your other devices.

yes power 35 5g telco postpaid plan

Of course, the huge hotspot allocation is the biggest advantage of the new lowest-tier plan. The Yes Infinite Basic plan, which costs RM58 per month, only comes with 20GB of hotspot quota while having unlimited data with no Fair Use Policy (FUP).

To get more than 100GB of hotspot usage, you previously had to subscribe to the Yes Infinite Ultra plan at the hefty price of RM178 per month. With that, we can see the attractiveness of Yes Power 35 for those who might not need an unlimited amount of data on their phone but would instead rather have a bigger allocation to use with their other devices.

Yes Infinite Plan

Other benefits of the plan include unlimited calls, as with all of Yes’ postpaid plans. The only thing that the Yes Power 35 plan is excluded from is the limited-time offer of a RM120 rebate over six months to port into the carrier, which only applies to the Yes Infinite packages.

For those who are looking for a new phone with their postpaid plan, Yes also offers free 5G phones with a 36-month contract through its Infinite Plus plans. The actual phone provided will depend on the tier you subscribe to, ranging from a Redmi 10 to a Xiaomi 13 or even a Samsung flagship if you’re willing to pay extra.

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