microsoft swiftkey bing ai chatbot gpt-4

Just last week, Microsoft brought its new Bing AI into the beta Android version of the SwiftKey app. Now, the feature has been launched widely through the regular version, letting all of the keyboard app’s users have access to the GPT-4-powered chatbot.

Notably, this is the first major update to the iOS version of SwiftKey in quite a while. Microsoft actually decided to end support for the app last year, before turning around and saying that the company would actually be investing heavily in the keyboard app for both Android and iOS.

microsoft swiftkey bing ai chatbot gpt-4


The AI integration brings three new major features into the keyboard, namely Chat, Search, and Tone. With the Chat feature, you can talk to Bing’s AI the same way as you would through the web search engine, but right on the keyboard.

The search feature lets you quickly search for things from the web inside the keyboard without switching apps. It can give you snippets of facts that you search for, images, the weather, nearby restaurants, or even stock prices.

microsoft swiftkey bing ai chatbot gpt-4

Last but not least, there is the Tone feature which might be the most useful tool, especially for those who are doubtful of how they come across in text to others. Just input whatever sentence that you want to say and it will rewrite it into several different options, ranging from professional, casual, polite, or even concise. This is a quick and efficient way to draft work emails or even social media posts.

The new Bing AI features are available now on the SwiftKey app in all markets where it’s available, but you’ll need to sign into your Microsoft account that has been approved to access the new Bing preview. Interestingly, the Bing chatbot is also being integrated into the company’s other apps, including Skype and even its Start app.

(Source: Microsoft)

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