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The Road Transport Department (JPJ) has announced some new updates to its MyJPJ mobile app as well as its public portal. The department said that it decided to implement these changes after receiving many complaints and feedback from the public following the announcement of the use of digital driving licences and road tax.

Perhaps the most notable change to the app is the additional layer of security for account registrations. While there were previously just two levels of security to make an account, namely using a password and TAC code, you’ll now need to key in the last eight figures from the back of your driver’s licence. Those who’ve already registered prior to this are exempted from this process.

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Moreover, the last eight-figure method can also be used to recover an account. JPJ stated that this was mainly to address the issue of new users being unable to make an account because they have already registered with one of the department’s strategic partner portals that are integrated with its system.

The new recovery tool can also be used to reset a user’s email in case they might have forgotten the email address used during registration or if they just need to update their email. All these updates are being rolled out gradually starting from today on Android, iOS, and Huawei, as stated by JPJ.

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As of last week, motorists no longer need to display the infamously flimsy road tax sticker on their windshield, as well as abolishing the need for a physical driving licence. Both the road tax and driving licence can be generated physically through MyJPJ; even a screenshot or a printed version will suffice as proper documentation to show enforcement officers.

Of course, keep in mind that the new policy only applies to private Malaysian drivers with LMM licences, with foreign motorists and commercial drivers still being required to carry physical stickers and cards for now. Transport Minister Anthony Loke claimed that the shift from physical to digital would save JPJ up to RM96 million annually in printing costs.

(Source: JPJ/Facebook)

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