Transport minister Wee Ka Siong revealed during a press conference held earlier today that Prasarana Malaysia Bhd will be extending the validity period for its My50 monthly pass. The move is to compensate users for the abrupt week-long closure of 16 Rapid KL LRT stations, as well as for the unavailability of its train services.

However, the period of extension for the My50 pass has yet to be determined by Prasarana, and is likely to be announced at another time. “We see it as unfair if users are not able to use [the LRT services] for one week, even if they’ve already paid for [the pass],” the minister said. “The validity period will be extended, but how long depends on the Prasarana management.”

On a related note, Wee also revealed that the issue that caused the disruption on the LRT Kelana Jaya Line has been resolved, and train services could resume service earlier than expected. He added that the system’s modem as well as the power supply for the tracks have been replaced, and a test will be conducted tomorrow before a decision to reopen the service can be considered.

Prasarana Rapid KL My50 monthly pass to be extended
Image: Rapid KL

“The land public transport agency (APAD) will also need to certify the Thales Group experts’ confirmation that the rail line is safe and stable for use before we can resume operations,” Wee said. “If there are no more problems, then we will resume services, with Prasarana making an announcement at 6pm the day before.”

Tomorrow’s test would see trains moving along the line which connects all 16 affected stations for a full day. Wee clarified that the trial will not involve carrying any passengers due to safety reasons. “We want to ensure the train can run for a full day, and the Thales Group experts must then make an assessment based on this,” he added.

Prasarana Rapid KL My50 monthly pass to be extended lrt

Should no further issues be detected during the test, the Rapid KL Kelana Jaya Line LRT service could likely resume operations soonest by Sunday, 13 November 2022. But for now, commuters are still encouraged to rely on alternative means of transport in order to reach locations situated within the affected areas.

(Source: Ministry of Transport / Rapid KL [Facebook])

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