LPF Malaysia Film Classification 2023

The Film Censorship Board of Malaysia (LPF) will be implementing a new set of film classification categories in a few weeks’ time. At a glance, it seemed that the new system took upon the foundation of existing classification and expanded it slightly further.

Starting from 1 February 2023, LPF will be using five categories for film classification instead of the existing three. They were announced by the Minister of Home Affairs, Saifuddin Nasution Ismail through the Federal Government Gazette on 9 January 2023 which means that they are as official as they can be.

However, the official announcement did not specifically define what each category meant aside from their intended age limit as noted below:

  • U: This category is for viewers of all ages
  • P12: This category is for viewers of all ages and parental guidance is required for viewers who is under the age of twelve years.
  • 13: This category is for viewers aged thirteen years or above.
  • 16: This category is for viewers aged sixteen years or above.
  • 18: This category is for viewers aged eighteen years or above.

LPF Malaysia Film Classification 2022
The existing categories for LPF film classification. [Image: LPF / MoHA.]

For comparison, here is the official description of the three existing categories for film classification as stated on the Ministry of Home Affairs website:

  • U: This category is for viewing by all walks of life without age limit. The film potrays good values, decency and positive lessons as well as entertaining.
  • P13: Viewers under 13 years of age need parental/guardian supervision while viewing. Scenes in the film consists elements of horror; scary; negative acts; suspense and frantic elements, but not excessive; elusive storyline; and elements that can disturb a child’s emotion.
  • 18: This category is for viewers aged 18 and above. The film contains elements of horror, gory, and violent, but not excessive; adult scene that is not excessive; social, sensitive political and religious elements which require a high level understanding.

The website also noted that the current classification system has been used since 2012. Back in 1996, there were actually four separate categories for the 18 classifications to represent politics, social, religion, violence, and sexual elements but they were then consolidated into a single category in April 2010.

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