The partnership will see IZUTSUYA Integrating THXNET. Blockchain Infrastructure into its business ecosystem.

Tokyo, Japan – April 12, 2024 – (SeaPRwire) – THXLAB Pte. Ltd., a 100% subsidiary of BANQ Corporation, a company expanding its FinTech/Web3 business, is pleased to announce a new strategic partnership with IZUTSUYA Inc today. IZUTSUYA, a startup founded by Hiroto Ishii, the founder of the NFT marketplace “HINATA”, aiming to realize a new era of digital licensing models using digital archives and Web3 technologies. By adopting THXNET.’s Web3aaS, IZUTSUYA will be able to swiftly launch new businesses. Through this partnership, they plan to establish a dedicated Layer 1 blockchain, build their own ecosystem, and provide users with new value.

THXLAB a Japan-based blockchain firm has been developing and operating THXNET. Web3aaS, a completely new blockchain network service, which matches the era of Web3 mass adoption. THXNET. is a hybrid blockchain network infrastructure that provides enterprises with secure and scalable dedicated Layer 1 blockchains, with its mainnet being the Layer 0 blockchain foundation. Additionally, it incorporates various On-chain/Off-chain technologies essential for integrating Web3 into businesses, offering them as a comprehensive one-stop solution through its APIs. THXNET. also incorporates innovative ‘2Earn’ mechanisms, incentivizing service usage and a Web3 Data-mesh information sharing.

Companies can have their own dedicated blockchain (Layer 1) on THXNET. by paying an initial setup fee and monthly fees. Additionally, THXNET. provides a Web2.0-friendly API that can be easily used by non-blockchain engineers to add Web3 functionality to existing services. This allows companies to reduce time, costs, and risks, and easily implement the functionality using their in-house engineers. 

THXNET.’s domestic expansion in Japan is being carried out by BANQ, and have already been involved in various projects with several legacy companies, aiming for Web3 transformation.

IZUTSUYA is a digital asset company that aims to unlock the potential of both the real and digital worlds by digitizing various items of high rarity and value, such as natural objects, cultural artifacts, and artworks. By linking them to the Web3, VR/AR, and AI domains, we strive to create value and expand possibilities in both realms. Leveraging blockchain technology, we archive assets that should be preserved for the future, protect rights in various areas where rights protection is lacking, and support management of revenue and licensing.

Comment from Aro Kondo, CEO of THXLAB Pte. Ltd.

“THXLAB positions IZUTSUYA as a strategic partner and will provide ongoing technical support while incorporating feedback from various services that IZUTSUYA will deploy in the future into THXNET. Web3aaS. This collaboration aims to promote the development of both parties and contribute to the realization of new business models and the expansion of the digital ecosystem in the Web3 era.”

Comment from Hiroto Ishii, CEO of IZUTSUYA Inc.

“Our company has leveraged THXNET. to swiftly launch our dedicated L1 testnet in just a few days, commencing test operations from February 1st, 2024. By seamlessly integrating Web3 technology into our front-end service design, we have realized the speedy and effortless deployment of our envisioned service. With this capability, we aim to delve deeper into our envisioned business services based on the beta version launched and transition to the mainnet within one year.”


We provide a Japanese-origin one-stop blockchain network called “THXNET.” Our focus is on facilitating the transition of companies from Web2.0 to Web3 through the Web3-as-a-Service (Web3-aaS) model. We aim to establish a business-centric Web3 service marketplace and support companies in their Web3 transformation. Through alliances with domestic and international companies, we will assist as partners in achieving a smooth transition to Web3.



The company integrates the latest AI technology with its unique 3D scanning service, combining blockchain to achieve the digitization, archiving, and dual-sided license management of physical items, transcending the boundaries between the real and digital worlds, thereby creating a new form of digital asset company.


About BANQ

BANQ is a business company in the Web3 and FinTech industries and has established a joint venture called Minkabu Web3 Wallet Co., Ltd. with the aim of promoting NFT business. Currently, we are responsible for the domestic business development of THXNET.


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Company: THXLAB

Contact: Ken N, CMO, THXLAB / THXNET.



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