We first heard of it way back in January and if you have been looking forward to getting your hands on this particular PlayStation 5 bundle, here comes the good news. You can now pre-order the PS5 Two DualSense Wireless Controller Bundle in Malaysia through PlayStation Authorized Dealers across the country.

This bundle is just like what the name said: it comes with two DualSense controllers, unlike the original set that was made available in Malaysia since 11 December 2020 which is inclusive of only one controller. Aside from the additional controller, they are pretty much the same vanilla set as before.

When it comes to pricing, the Two Controller Bundle variant of the PS5 Digital Edition is priced at RM2,369. On the other hand, you have to fork out RM2,799 if you prefer the version with a disc drive.

As a comparison, the price for their single controller counterparts (post-price hike, that is) was RM2,069 and RM2,499, respectively. If you add the cost for a DualSense controller which is priced at RM349, that would set you at RM2,418 and RM2,848.

Hence, the new PS5 Two Controller Bundle would save you RM49 as opposed to purchasing the standard single controller set together with an additional DualSense controller separately.

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As noted earlier, PlayStation Authorized Dealers throughout Malaysia have already begun taking pre-orders for the new PS5 Two DualSense Wireless Controller Bundle for both Digital Edition and standard model since yesterday. Each retailer may have a different approach for this bundle and even stock allocations, so you may want to reach out to them directly for further details.

In case you need their contact details, do check the official retailer list on PlayStation Malaysia’s website. A lot of them such as CK Multimedia, Impulse Gaming, various Sony Centre locations, and many more also maintain an official presence on Facebook, so you may consider contacting them via the social media platform as well.

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