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Local e-hailing operator Maxim has seemingly resolved its recent issue that got the company in trouble with the Road Transport Department (JPJ). According to a report, Maxim put out a statement saying that the main problem stemmed from its drivers failing to renew their E-hailing Vehicle Permits (EVP).

Last week, the JPJ conducted a raid on Maxim’s office in Kuantan, Pahang after the department’s 14-day investigation found that the e-hailing app allowed drivers without valid e-hailing permits to operate on its platform in Putrajaya and Pahang. Specifically, out of the 5,000 vehicles active on the Maxim app, only 402 had been found to have valid EVPs.

maxim e-hailing
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The latest update from the operator is that the company met up with the Land Public Transport Agency (APAD), concluding that its drivers did not renew their EVP licenses despite previously obtaining them. It claims that since this issue was brought to its attention, the company has since updated its data.

Apparently, the meeting with APAD officers happened a few days ago, with the company being represented by its company director, licensing specialist, and lead user support specialist. “The company is eager to legalise its drivers and is continuously informing and reminding them about the importance of the EVP licence,” Maxim added.

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A violation of Section 12A(5) of the Land Public Transportation Act 2010 could result in a company being fined between RM1,000 and RM500,000 or a jail sentence of up to two years. JPJ reminded e-hailing companies that if they wish to carry out their business, they must be registered and licensed under APAD or the Commercial Vehicle Licensing Board (CVLB).

Maxim isn’t the only e-hailing operator to be in hot water with regulators recently. A few months ago, InDriver also got its office raided by the JPJ for operating without a license. It was removed from APAD’s e-hailing license holder list and as of 7 March, it has still not been added back, although the InDriver app still seems to be operating as per usual.

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