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Kumpool, the van e-hailing app for last-mile connectivity, has announced that it has revamped its operations as “Kumpool 2.0”. It’s still the same service but with some notable changes to improve efficiency. Rajiv Rishyakaran, the state representative for Bukit Gasing, also announced the addition of electric scooters as an alternative option for commuters.

The overhaul seems to only be taking place in its Petaling Jaya zone, which is just one of several zones it services in the Klang Valley region. For one thing, they’ve made the PJ zone smaller in order to reduce waiting times, which means fewer stops are available. However, the app seems to have still retained its fixed RM1 fare for each ride.

The PJ zone in the Kumpool app services both the Taman Jaya and Asia Jaya LRT stations. With the app, you can hail a van or minibus to travel to and from these stations as well as select stops in the area, including Jaya One Mall, Amcorp Mall, Digital Mall, The Challenger Sports Centre, and several others.

Alongside Kumpool, those commuting in PJ now also have the option of using OoGyaa electric scooters for first- and last-mile connectivity. You’ll need to download the Zeus OoGyaa app to use them and unlike the van e-hailing, it costs a lot more than RM1 per ride.

OoGyaa scooters pj petaling jaya

If you want to pay as you use, the rate for OoGyaa scooters is RM0.40 per minute with a RM1.50 unlock fee. There is also a monthly subscription if you want to use it on a regular basis that costs RM89 per month, with a limited promo of RM69 until 31 May.

In related news, Kumpool is currently running a trial in Alam Megah, Shah Alam in partnership with Rapid KL, which will end on 13 May. It previously ran a similar trial in Wangsa Maju and after it ended, the company added the area as a permanently available zone on its app.

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