Ferrari Vision Gran Turismo

Ferrari as a luxury car brand does not make frequent appearances in racing video games. The Gran Turismo series is one of the exceptions, and with Gran Turismo 7, the brand is doing something special – announcing a car that’s exclusive to the game. This is the Ferrari Vision Gran Turismo, a hybrid racer that will be added to the game at the end of next month.

If the name sounds familiar, this is because fellow sports car maker Porsche did something similar just a year ago with its own Vision Gran Turismo. But where the German racer looks like a electric version of a 918 Spyder, the Italian Prancing Horse has one that looks to be completely unique.

Ferrari Vision Gran Turismo back
Source: Ferrari.

To start, the Ferrari Vision Gran Turismo is a single seater, with the driver sitting squarely in the middle, reminiscent of the old McLaren F1, minus the rear seats. The wheels are also massive, with the wheel arches contrasting against the sleek and angular body. The engine within is a 3l V6 hybrid with three electric motors. The company says that this is a “more extreme version” of the engine found in the 499P hypercar.

Ferrari Vision Gran Turismo front
Ferrari Vision Gran Turismo steering
Ferrari Vision Gran Turismo driver seat

You’re probably wondering why cars from different companies are using the same name. This is because the Vision GT program is a continuous series of concept cars made for the games, starting since Gran Turismo 6. Since these are in-game only concept cars, manufacturers can use present-day tech to build their ideal cars, without the usual constraints of making a physical concept. Some were even popular enough to get real-world equivalents made for motor shows.

But getting back to the Ferrari Vision GT, this will be added to Gran Turismo 7 on 23 December as part of a free update. There’s a way to get it a week early, and that’s via an in-game campaign quiz. Though only one lucky winner in the world will have the privilege of getting that early access, so good luck.

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