Perlis is the northern-most and smallest state of Malaysia. Although it has several touristic attractions, it is not very well known among vacationers so far. Azman Bin Mohd Yusof, the state secretary of Perlis wants to change that and plans a campaign to put the federal state in the spotlight.

“Perlis is mostly known as a transit point to Langkawi and Thailand”, says Mr. Azman, “therefore we are working hard to promote our attractions to potential visitors.”

Mr Azman identified some 30 touristic attractions and venues which will be part of a development and marketing program within the next two years. Among them is Perlis’ National Park Taman Negeri, the canopy walk of Mata Ayer and the city of Kuala Perlis with its picturesque harbour and old town buit around mangrove swamps. “Our goal is launching a ‘Visit Perlis 2021’ campaign by next year.”

A few impressions of Perlis were already presented to the visitors of Reiselust, a travel fair in Bremen, Germany held in November 2019, where a teaser video specially produced for that occasion was shown at the Malaysia booth.

One of the main attractions is the beautiful landscape which is popular among photographers and nature lovers. “One can really find gorgeous views here”, says Mr Azman while showing dozens of stunning photos to prove his point. “Moreover, we offer sport activities and challenges, such as cycling or climbing. Our lime stones are particularly famous among international climbers as they have attractive caves one can only reach by climbing. We even have a huge cave within another cave.”

Perlis was originally part of the neighboring Federal State of Kedah, although it occasionally came under rule by Siam or Aceh. Today, the head of the state is a Raja as opposed to the Sultans who rule other Malaysian states. For those interested in the changeful history of Perlis, a visit to Muzium Kota Kayang in Perlis will offer detailed insights.

According to Mr Azman, Perlis also plans to establish more multi-day events such as a hot air balloon festival or music shows. “In our small state we have three or four high class hotels and lots of homestay facilities. So we are well prepared and looking forward for more visitors to spend a couple of nights here in our lovely Perlis.”