KUALA TERENGGANU: The administration of the PAS government, which is free from corruption, allowed the state government to reduce its debt from RM800 million to RM200mil, says PAS central committee member Datuk Ahmad Amzad Hashim.

The Kuala Terengganu PAS incumbent MP said besides Terengganu, PAS had also brought fortune to Kedah, which now had a reserve of RM600mil, as compared to only RM20mil when they took the state administration.

“Since we (PAS leaders) have zero corruption (cases), we are able to bring the highest investment in Kedah, (and) because we have zero corruption Kedah, which initially had only RM20 million, now has RM600 million.

“Since we have zero corruption, we were also able to regain royalty payment for Terengganu (government),” he said at a dinner function with the Kuala Terengganu Tionghua community held at Ocean Restaurant, here.

PAS took charge of the Kedah administration since mid-2020.

Ahmad Amzad said PAS administrators had also successfully fought for the people’s money, which was used as advancement for the construction of the East Coast Expressway 2 (LPT2).

“Because we have zero corruption (cases) and we are good at governing (the state), the Federal Government finally agreed to pay back our money; Umno failed to do so (to get back the money), but the government of Perikatan Nasional was promised by the Federal Government that they will pay us back RM1.4bil that belongs to the Terengganu people,” he said.

The Federal Government too, he added, had promised to continue with the LPT 3 project, which would begin from Gemuroh to Pasir Putih.

Ahmad Amzad said PAS had also successfully fought for the Bertam oilfield royalty payment, which, starting from this year, would be paid fully to Kuala Terengganu.

“These are some of our successes, and that is why I want to ask for your help… who knows, if you choose me again, we will have a minister from Kuala Terengganu,” he said.