AiHouse, a leading Chinese design software company specializing in interior design and rendering, has teamed up with Poliform, a renowned Italian furniture company, to create an exceptional design and rendering project. The project is presented at Milan Design Week 2023, the most significant event in the world of design, attracting thousands of visitors from around the world.

The collaboration between AiHouse and Poliform is an exciting development, bringing together two industry leaders and it promises to be a showcase of cutting-edge technology and innovative design.

AiHouse is known for its advanced software solutions that enable designers to create photorealistic 3D visualizations of designs. Poliform, on the other hand, is renowned for its exceptional furniture designs, characterized by clean lines, high-quality materials, and impeccable craftsmanship.

Design and Technology Collaboration between Italy and China’s Pioneers

The design and rendering project showcases Poliform’s furniture designs in a stunningly realistic virtual environment, to engage and immerse viewers in a panorama of customizable design. Using AiHouse’s advanced rendering technology, designers have created a digital space that replicates a showroom complete with ambient lighting, textures, and finishes.

With the use of real-time rendering technology, viewers can easily change the colors and finishes of the sofas and cabinets to see how they will look in different combinations. This feature provides a powerful tool for designers to experiment with different design options and make decisions about interiors.

CEO of Poliform Giovanni Anzani and the President of Italy-China Joint Association, artistic director and curator Davide Rampello, have heaped high praise on AiHouse, saying it has set off a “digital revolution” in the interior design industry.

CEO of Poliform Giovanni Anzani spoke of the project “digital revolution of interior design”

This is the first time a Chinese design software company has appeared in Milan Design Week and its participation in this prestigious event marks a significant achievement

The collaboration between AiHouse and Poliform represents a cultural exchange between two countries with rich design traditions. It is an opportunity for designers and creatives from Italy and China to exchange ideas and explore new possibilities, and it has the potential to push forward future collaboration between Italy and China.

In addition, it represents a significant step in the global market cultivation strategy of AiHouse. By partnering with a renowned Italian furniture company and showcasing its capabilities at Milan Design Week, AiHouse has demonstrated its commitment to expanding its presence and influence on the global design and manufacturing scene.

Global Developments of AiHouse, the technology-driven Chinese design software

AiHouse is a design software company founded in Guangzhou, China in 2013. The company made its international debut in 2019 at the IMM Cologne in Germany, and has since established 21 representative agencies worldwide. These agencies cover a wide range of markets, including North America, Europe, Asia, Middle-East and Africa, and demonstrate AiHouse’s growing international presence and impact in the design industry.

AiHouse is equipped with powerful core technologies, such as 3D rendering and modeling, which are supported by cloud computing, big data, and AI. With a simple drag and drop interface, it enables customization of storage, flooring, ceiling, tiling, wardrobe, and cabinets. AiHouse has an extensive big data library with over 30 million 3D models and materials, allowing designers to create their personal libraries by uploading their own 3DMax/SketchUp models and texture pictures.

AiHouse can produce 4K images in less than 5 minutes, and it offers a range of functions such as Magic Video, Real-time Rendering, Animated Walk-through, Ray Tracing, Material Editor etc. AiHouse empowers designers, agencies, and furniture companies to work more efficiently and with greater precision, while also helping them showcase their projects, products, and brands in photorealistic quality.

World renowned companies including Kohler, nobilia, Roca, Panasonic and OPPEIN are using AiHouse to design and render projects for their customers. It is also getting high recognition from designers alike.

Aurelle Tshiama, Founder of The Clamp says that AiHouse simplifies 3D visualization process with beginner-friendly interface. It helps their clients visualize their space in much more detail. Interior Designer Emily Green praises that AiHouse can provide photorealistic images and panoramas in a much faster way than the conventional tools, saving lots of time in rendering.

About AiHouse

AiHouse is a high-tech pioneer of 3D cloud designing, cloud manufacturing, AI and Big Data in home furnishing industry, transforming furniture purchasing and home designing with its integrated online platform.


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