PlayStation Project Q

Beyond the TWS earbuds, arguably the most exciting piece of news to come out of the PlayStation Showcase is what the company has called Project Q. The company has finally unveiled its much rumoured streaming handheld that’s meant to be a companion to the PS5 console. And for better or worse, it is pretty much the kind of device that the rumours made it out to be.

As per the announcement, this is a “dedicated devicve” that “enables you to play any compatible game installed on your PS5 console using Remote Play over WiFi”. Which is not exactly exciting as this is already possible using the Remote Play app on mobile devices. The one bit of the PlayStation Project Q spec sheet that was revealed is an 8-inch LCD screen that allows you to stream said compatible games at 1080p and 60fps.

PlayStation Project Q back
Source: PlayStation / YouTube.

So why would you want to use this over a mobile device that you already own? The key here is the controls on the PlayStation Project Q which, as you can see, look pretty much like a stretched out DualSense, with the touch pad replaced with the screen. It’s not only the looks either, as the company says that it will come with all the tech wizardry that made the DualSense the next-generation controller, from the haptic feedback to the adaptive triggers.

Like the earbuds, PlayStation says that Project Q will be launching later this year, with more info on the thing to be revealed in the coming months. Hopefully this includes confirmation on if it can stream games while you are outside, as this is something that mobile devices with Remote Play can do. Though company did explicitly mention WiFi, the nail in the portable coffin would be if it needs to be connected to the same WiFi network as the PS5 console.

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