GEORGE TOWN: A number of motorists have welcomed the temporary reduction in road speed limit for the Chinese New Year holidays.

But others say the slower speeds may create problems.

Mohamad Fadiz Hamat, 25, said he was not sure which roads were designated as federal or state roads.

This follows the Works Ministry’s announcement that the reduction by 10kph will make the speed limit 80kph on federal roads and 70kph on state roads.

“With no clear indication of state or federal roads, I will not know which road to adjust my speed.

“I understand the speed limit reduction is to ensure the safety of road users but it will cause traffic congestion during festive seasons.

“There will be a lot of cars on the road and with the speed limit reduction, I worry that it will take me more than double the time I usually need to go back to my hometown,” said the Penang-based lawyer.

Public relations executive Annie Chan, 29, who travels between the Penang mainland and island for work every day, claimed that the move would create worse traffic jams on the Penang bridge.

“Even without the new speed limit, we are already moving at a crawl on the bridge. With the 10kph reduction, I think it would take me hours just to get home.

“I might need to consider car-pooling with my friend for the festive season,” she added.

Michael Santiago, 40, said driving faster was actually more exciting, less boring and better for those who travel long distances to stay awake.

“Cars have improved so much in terms of technology and power.

“I, however, believe that driving slower is a problem as it will cause traffic jams which may cause people who are tired to doze off while driving,” said the engineer.

Some motorists in Johor have welcomed the move.

Student Waqqash Zainuddin, 21, said road users would be extra careful as there would be police presence to make sure they adhered to the new speed limit.

“I will make sure that I don’t go over the speed limit as getting a summons for speeding is expensive and I don’t want to get an earful from my parents,” he added.

Businessman Jerry Sim, 42, said the move could help reduce road accident fatalities, adding, “Drivers should just follow the speed limit as it is for our safety.”

Trader K. Balachandran, 45, said the number of vehicles on the roads during festive seasons would always be higher than usual as people wanted to balik kampung.

“There is no excuse to drive fast as we are not in a race. Safety should be the main priority of everyone while on the road,” he added.

In Melaka, Shah Beach Resort marketing manager Yau Hui Min, 34, said the reduction of the speed limit during the festive season would make travelling safer.

“It’s a right decision especially during these peak period.

“Most of us will also be visiting our relatives on the second day of the Lunar New Year,” she added.

Sales manager Vincent Yong, 47, said the move was the right way to control speeding during the festive season.

However, Yong hopes the Road Transport Department would also intensify campaigns to create awareness on preventing the use of mobile phones and road hogging.

“I frequently travel to Johor Baru on the North-South Expressway, and it’s a common sight to see motorists using their mobile phones while driving.

“It’s also annoying to see motorists hogging the fast lanes and driving slowly,” Yong said.