U Mobile 5G-Ready Plans

As 5G continues to get rolled out in selected areas and telco companies, many of us have been eagerly waiting for it to become available for our own phone plans as well. Well, for U Mobile users, the wait has finally ended!

Users can now enjoy the luxury of surfing the 5G network so long as they are using 5G compatible phones inside a 5G network area. The kicker? Existing users already on 5G ready plans can immediately do this AT NO EXTRA COST!

Interested? Here’s everything you need to know!

Why 5G?

Compared to its 4G predecessor, 5G is 10-100 times faster than your typical data speed. No matter how fast your 4G data is, 5G will surely trump that by a landslide. It also gives your quicker responses by five times, 1000 more connections and is five times more energy efficient as well!

When you look at these stats, it’s certainly a no brainer to move to 5G whenever and wherever possible.

U Mobile Users Can Now Enjoy 5G To Their Heart’s Content!

U Mobile 5G-Ready Plans
Image: U Mobile

As you’ve already heard, 5G is now available for U Mobile users. But how can users utilise this feature, you may ask. Well, it’s a lot easier than you might expect!

Existing 5G-ready Postpaid and Prepaid users can now enjoy 5G with no extra costs or work on their end. Eligible plans include U Postpaid 98, U Postpaid 68, U Postpaid 38, and U FamilyShare for postpaid plans, and Prepaid U25, U35 and U40 plans.

For Prepaid U35 users, you’ll be happy to know that U35 offerings have now been enhanced! U35 users can now get a better 5G experience with U Mobile’s FREE unlimited 5G Weekends at no extra cost! Subscribers will be eligible to enjoy unlimited 4G and 5G uncapped, high-speed data from Saturday midnight until Sunday, 11:59PM every weekend. You just need to redeem it weekly via the MyUMobile app to reap all the benefits! Additionally, U Mobile has also introduced their latest U40 Prepaid plan. Similar to their U35 plan users, customers can enjoy unlimited 5G Weekends when they subscribe.

Not only that, users on the U25 plan can also enjoy U Mobile’s free Speed Booster, which increases your data up to 5G speeds. You can redeem the 30 hour speed booster via MyUMobile App with no extra cost or add-on purchases needed.

Meanwhile, U Postpaid users can enjoy new plans with up to 1,000 5G data, with no additional charge when you transition. If you’re worried about limited 5G quota, don’t be as there will be no 4G or 5G quota split. You can fully utilise your 5G according to your usual data allocation with no FUP or speed cap.

Don’t have a 5G compatible phone? Well, you’ll still get uncapped speed for Postpaid users and Speed Boosters for Prepaid plans! This is so U Mobile ensures that its customers don’t miss out on anything.

What Are You Waiting For?

5G is currently making its way to more selections of mid-range phones, while low-entry 5G-enabled devices are already available in the Malaysian market today. If you’re unsure whether or not your phone is 5G-compatible, you can check out this DNB device list to learn more!

For more information, don’t forget to visit U Mobile’s website and follow them on Facebook to stay updated on new deals and promos. You can also check for 5G available locations and eligible devices by visiting the link, here: u.com.my/5Gnow.

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