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EA is shutting down Apex Legends Mobile as well as cancelling Battlefield Mobile. But another title in the universe of the former has also gotten the axe, and it’s one that also did not get the benefit of a public unveiling.

According to Bloomberg, the cancelled project was code-named TFL, which was supposed to stand for Titanfall Legends. As code-names go, it’s pretty straightforward, since both games share the same universe anyway. It was also supposed to be a singleplayer title, so perhaps leaning more towards Titanfall. This was also under the stewardship of Respawn Entertainment, before ultimately getting cancelled.

Apex Legends
Source: Respawn Entertainment / Reddit.

The report notes that publisher EA has itself hinted at the existence of such a game multiple times. It was directed by Mohammad Alavi, which some may know from him contributions to the Call of Duty series during his tenure with Infinity Ward. All that being said, Alavi left Respawn Entertainment in early 2022, after having been the design director for Apex Legends proper.

It’s unclear if Alavi’s departure had anything to do with the axing of TFL. That being said, EA was cutting a lot of projects anyway, so that’s likely the larger factor in play. Around 50 people were assigned to the project who will now be squeezed into other roles within the publisher’s umbrella, or if no such roles are available, they will be let go.

Titanfall 2
Source: EA.

Rightfully, the report notes that fans of the Titanfall series have been asking for another entry for the longest time. The first game was released in 2014 which was well-received, and praised for its gameplay despite not having singleplayer content. The second built on its acclaimed gameplay while also giving players a compelling story mode. Most recently, the third game ended up being Apex Legends, an almost completely different game altogether, with the only thing tying them together is the shared universe.

(Source: Bloomberg)

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