In a world where imitation is viewed either as a form of flattery or outright plagiarism, there are some individuals and entities that are just blatant with the act. Apparently, that seemed to be the case with the Chinese CPU maker, PowerLeader.

For a bit of background, PowerLeader is a Chinese brand, founded in 1999, that specialises in the datacentre market. For that matter and unsurprisingly, the majority of its products are almost entirely based on Intel components and hardware. Earlier this week, the company launched a new desktop CPU of its own making, officially known as the Powerstar P3. Specs-wise, the processor has a base clock of 3.7GHz, and no further details. The problem is, the CPU looks awfully similar to Intel’s Core i3-10105, and that’s probably because it is.

(Image source: Videocardz.)

As pointed out by Tom’s Hardware, the PowerLeader CPU seems to be more of a passing resemblance of the Core i3-10105 than a whole new CPU: The Powerstar P3-01105 essentially features a 4-cores, 8-threads configuration, uses what its parent company calls a “Storm Core” architecture, and should officially support Microsoft Windows operating system. The company’s top executives even went so far as to release a statement, saying that its CPU has “extremely high performance” and that it is several times higher than a domestic CPU. That last bit serves as confirmation that the CPU, while based on a consumer-ready CPU, is marketed toward enterprise clients.

On that note, PowerLeader is reportedly marketing the Powerstar P3 towards desktop users, particularly those working with government systems, energy industry, finance, medical, and, in spite of its clear market base, the gaming segment. Further, the company also indicated that it wishes to sell 1.5 million pieces of the P3 to start. That’s a very ambitious goal, although it seems likely that the company’s primary market base for that sales figure will be within China first, and not the global market.

(Source: ITHome via Videocardz, Tom’s Hardware)

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