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A cursory look at the Apple Watch and the features that gradually gets added into it shows that the iPhone maker is interested in the health-related field. This focus may also end up bleeding into other product categories. A new report indicates another venture into the market, with what is known by its codename Quartz, which is described as an AI-powered heath coach.

Bloomberg reports that Quartz will help users improve exercise, eating and sleep habits using data gathered via their Apple Watch. The AI in question processes said data, and then suggests changes to the user, or even create coaching programs specific to the individual.

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Source: Apple.

Naturally, the involvement of the Apple Watch is essential to the Quartz process, but it will also be its own app in addition to the health app that currently exists on iOS. The report notes that it is currently planned for next year, assuming it doesn’t get postponed or canned outright before then. When it does make a public debut, it will be a premium service with a monthly subscription fee tied to it, though no price was mentioned in the report.

On the subject of iOS, the report notes that Apple is also working on a version of its health app for the iPad. This is slated to be ahead of Quartz, and can be as soon as coming as part of iPadOS 17, which will likely be unveiled during WWDC 2023. This will allow the app to see more use in healthcare settings, where the report claims that “tablets have already made inroads”.

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Source: Apple.

Beyond Quarts and an iPadOS 17 version of the health app, the report also notes other health initiatives by Apple. This includes tools managing vision conditions like nearsightedness, as well as emotion tracking. Even the much-rumoured mixed reality headset will be involved in the company’s health initiatives, in some way or another.

(Source: Bloomberg)

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