JAKARTA, May 31, 2024 – (ACN Newswire via SeaPRwire.com) – Shopee’s logistics service partners have expressed their support for continued partnerships with the e-commerce company, citing the positive impact on their businesses and communities. 

PT Tiki Lintas Nugraha Ekakurir, known as JNE, noted it had successfully collaborated with Shopee as a logistics partner for the past eight years. “Our strong relationship with Shopee is grounded in our joint commitment to developing the digital economy and integrating JNE’s logistics system with Shopee technology,” JNE SVP and Marketing Group Head Eri Palgunadi said. 

Since 2016, the partnership has seen significant success, as the demand for logistics services driven by the increasing number of MSME players utilizing Shopee’s sales channels continues to surge. The 33-year-old company plans to continue working with Shopee, and remains committed to innovating its technology and services to support the growth of Indonesian MSMEs. 

On May 28, the state-owned courier and logistics service company PT Pos Indonesia (PosID) awarded Shopee as Best Private Partner in a ceremony for partners who consistently support PosID’s work programs in the logistics sector. 

Haris, PosIND’s Director of Financial Services Business, noted “As a postal operator, courier service provider, and logistics provider, we are proud to serve millions of Shopee users by connecting sellers to buyers in 514 cities and regions in Indonesia,” he said. 

Previously, it was reported that the Business Competition Supervisory Commission (KPPU) suggested that Shopee deliberately discriminated by mass activating select delivery service companies on its seller dashboard. 

The Chairman of the E-commerce Logistics Entrepreneurs Association (APLE), Sonny Harsono, offered a different take, explaining that the priority mechanism for couriers is part of a marketing strategy, not an attempt to monopolize. Furthermore, the techniques benefit consumers. 

Sonny explained that from his observations, Shopee still provided courier service options in addition to those affiliated with the company. “Therefore, it does not meet the classification of monopoly or oligopoly,” he explained when contacted on Thursday (30/5/2024). 

There are more than three courier services on the Shopee platform, leading Sonny to suspect a misinterpretation of the marketing pattern as a violation of healthy business competition regulations, as outlined in Law No. 5 of 1999. “Our concern is that the cross-selling or cross-promotion interpretation is being misunderstood as an attempt at monopolization. Furthermore, buyers can change their delivery provider after check-out,” he said. 

“In our opinion, since Shopee still uses other logistics or courier providers, Shopee is merely utilizing marketing techniques to make services more attractive for the broader public.”

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