Key Financial Performance Highlights for Q4FY2024:

  • Year-on-year (“YoY”) revenue increase of 7.5% to RM70.5 million, with significant flow through to deliver high double digits in bottom line numbers;
  • Profit before tax (“PBT”) for the quarter rose by 40.4% to RM19.1 million, with an improved YoY margin of 27.1% versus 20.7%;
  • Profit after tax (“PAT”) for the quarter rose by 59.5% to RM17.7 million, with an improved YoY margin of 25.1% versus 16.9%.

BANGI, Malaysia, May 28, 2024 – (ACN Newswire via – Technology leader in providing fully customised, intelligent manufacturing automation solutions, GENETEC TECHNOLOGY BERHAD (“Genetec” or the “Company”) recorded another consistent and solid quarter performance, maintaining a healthy momentum with a 7.5% year-on-year YoY increase in revenue for the quarter to RM70.5 million from RM65.6 million in Q4FY2023. Genetec’s PBT and PAT rose to RM19.1 million and RM17.7 million or by 40.4% and 59.5% respectively, for the quarter under review versus RM13.6 million and RM11.1 million a year ago.

On the overall, the Company’s solid performance for the quarter saw an improvement across all key financial indicators due to continued costs and operational efficiency that allowed the flow through of its top line to boost bottom-line numbers. Performance highlights for the quarter include, a 33.0% gross profit (“GP”) margin versus 29.0% in the preceding year reflecting a 4.0% YoY increase, a 27.1% PBT margin versus a 20.7% margin in Q4FY2023, and a PAT margin of 25.1% versus 16.9% in the preceding year.

Chin Kem Weng, Co-founder and Managing Director of Genetec, commented, “Despite ongoing market volatility, uncertainties and concerns especially in the automotive, Electric Vehicle (“EV”), and renewable energy (“RE”) sectors, Genetec has been consistent in our performance. This is due to the Group’s ability to convert our opportunities to orders, especially in securing recurring orders from existing clients. Our high client retention rate is also a key factor to our success and in building our pipeline. Our teams have been and will continue to work closely with our clients to improve on current solutions, as well as to collaborate on new opportunities with other divisions within our client groups to grow our revenue over the long-term.

The EV and Energy Storage (“ES”) segments remain Genetec’s primary revenue contributors and are expected to anchor our earnings prospects in the coming quarters. We are however, actively looking to diversify our revenue sources within these segments to cater to different areas within automotive manufacturing. As our revenues normalise over time, we are focused on increasing cost efficiencies from recurring orders, whilst ensuring quality delivery across all our projects.”

The Group remains confident in its position as a key solutions provider for manufacturing automation for its key clients in the automotive industry that serve the EV and plug-in hybrids (“PHEV”) platforms. To remain competitive, Genetec is constantly enhancing its capabilities and solutions to cater to either platform. At the same time, the Group is engaging closely with its clients and the industries to remain at the forefront of development and planning.

In closing, Chin highlighted his optimism on the prospects for the RE industry. He added, “Growth for RE storage solutions are expected to rise in tandem with the need for clean energy sources as the world continues to replace fossil-based energy with RE sources for industrial, commercial and residential purposes. The most immediate shift is in the transport system where we see efforts to improve the local and international charging infrastructure for EVs especially. From the manufacturing automation perspective, autonomous robotics and software-defined automation are poised to revolutionise industry operations. As a result, Genetec anticipates an increase in demand for our key solutions in automation and energy storage as clients continue to execute their production plans.”

At the end of the quarter, Genetec’s earnings per share (“EPS”) stood at 2.21 sen (basic) compared to 1.50 sen (basic) in Q4FY2023.

About Genetec Technology Berhad

Genetec Technology Berhad is a technology leader in providing customised full turnkey smart factory automation manufacturing lines. It is a public company listed on the Main Market of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad (Stock code: 0104). Its principal business focus is in the provision of high-quality, responsive and cost-effective designs, as well as the manufacturing of automated industrial systems, equipment and value-added services for our global customers in the Electric Vehicle (EV), Automotive, Hard Disk Drive (HDD), Consumer Goods and Healthcare sectors.

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