BANDUNG, INDONESIA, May 20, 2024 – (ACN Newswire via – Bengkel Animasi is collaborating with the Ministry of Industry and the Ministry of Communication and Information to organize BEAST (Bengkel Animasi Digital Arts & Creative Festival) 2024, on Saturday, 25th May in the City of Bandung.

Bengkel Animasi is collaborating with the Ministry of Industry of Indonesia (Kementerian Perindustrian Republik Indonesia) and Ministry of Communication and Information of Indonesia (Kementerian Komunikasi dan Informatika Republik Indonesia) in organizing Bengkel Animasi Digital Art & Creative Festival (BEAST) 2024, on Saturday, 25th May 2024, at Holiday Inn Pasteur, Bandung
Bengkel Animasi is collaborating with the Ministry of Industry and Ministry of Communication and Information to organize BEAST 2024 (Bengkel Animasi Digital Arts & Creative Festival) on May 25.

BEAST 2024 is back post-pandemic to be held on-site and is intended to become a place for all of the digital arts and creative industry stakeholders to exchange information and create collaboration, ranging from animation & games companies, professionals, educational institutions, students and government representatives.

BEAST 2024 is presenting speakers from the Animation, Comics, Games, Illustration and Intellectual Property industry: Ronny Gani (CEO of Bengkel Animasi & Senior Animator on Avengers, Pacific Rim, Transformers), Shieny Aprilia (CEO of Agate International), Daryl Wilson (CEO of Kumata Animation Studio), Anintyas Wening (Operational Manager of Brown Bag Films Bali), and Bryan Valenza (Exclusive Color Artist at Marvel Entertainment).

These professionals will share their experiences from their career journeys working in established international companies. This will help increase the audiences’ knowledge and perspective in developing their business and skills.

Ronny Gani, CEO and Co-founder Bengkel Animasi explains, “Digital Art and Creative industry has experience a significant growth within the last few years. A lot of local companies question whether to create their own products or to provide services for international clients. Through BEAST, we want to synergize all of the industry stakeholders, especially for the business and human resources. We hope that the industry growth can be more optimal, and most importantly, human and talent resources regeneration can take forth on to the youth in becoming future professionals that are able to compete internationally. That is the motivation for us in Bengkel Animasi, a company that focuses in developing the future talents, through multiple programs; training centers, events organization, and 3D animation service provider.”

Daryl Wilson, CEO of Kumata Studio and the chairman of AINAKI (Asosiasi Industri Animasi Indonesia), who is also going to be one of the speaker at BEAST 2024, explains: “Indonesia will experience a significant increase of demographic within the next 10-15 years, and will require a lot of new opportunities. Given the nature of its production that requires a lot of human resources, animation industry will be able to create huge new jobs and opportunities, while also creates new Intellectual Property (IP) products and provides animation service production to domestic and international markets. 

AINAKI is supporting Bengkel Animasi with their BEAST events, as it will create networking opportunities amongst the stake holders. Based on AINAKI’s research, there was a 26% growth within the last 6 years, whereas the amount of animation studios are increasing more than 200% in each year. Therefore, AINAKI is committed to collaborate with more entities in order to grow the animation sector in accomplishing Indonesia Emas that is set out by the government.”

Anintyas Wening, Operational Manager of Brown Bag Films Bali, who is also a speaker at BEAST 2024 says, “Brown Bag Films Bali believes that BEAST has a significant impact in the growth of Indonesia’s animation industry. We are looking forward in sharing our experience and insights at the event in order to provide knowledge and strengthening the animation ecosystem in Indonesia.”

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