• Alta’s strategic partnership with TRIREC will provide access to the TRIREC Venture II (TVII) fund on its platform to Southeast Asian investors seeking meaningful opportunities to invest in impact investments.
  • The TVII invests globally in companies focusing on breakthrough areas of growth and innovation in climate tech looking to accelerate the rate of decarbonisation, providing investors the opportunity to participate in the growth of these companies in their nascent stages.

SINGAPORE, May 21, 2024 – (ACN Newswire via SeaPRwire.com) – Alta Alternative Investments Pte. Ltd. (Alta), Asia’s leading digital securities exchange for alternative assets, announces its strategic partnership with Singapore-headquartered investment firm focused on decarbonisation as its mandate, TRIREC. The partnership will enable Alta to provide its global community of investors access to the TRIREC Venture II (TVII) fund via its platform and unlock opportunities in impact investing.

The TVII fund aims to invest in portfolio companies that will play a significant role in positively impacting climate change. With a global investment mandate and a focus on APAC, the fund looks to invest in 15 to 18 early-stage portfolio companies. Through TVII, investors can access decarbonisation investments in energy, industries, mobility, building, and food & agriculture verticals, capitalising on the growing demand and substantial global government policy support.

“In recent years, the investment landscape has witnessed a significant shift towards impact investing with the global impact investment market estimated to hit US$4.5 trillion by the end of 2030. At Alta, we endeavour to bring such unique opportunities in alternative investments and private companies that deliver both potentially stellar investment returns, as well as tangible environmental impact. The partnership with TRIREC, the leading global decarbonisation fund, and the introduction of TVII on our platform will look to help investors deploy capital conscientiously while ensuring that their investments can truly create meaningful and lasting change for future generations,” said Benjamin Twoon, Co-founder & Chief Commercial Officer, Alta.

As the world grapples with ever-pressing issues of climate change, impact investing has only become more urgent, picking up momentum in recent years. In Singapore, the Monetary Authority of Singapore launched the Finance for Net Zero Action Plan in 2023 to set out strategies to mobilise financing to catalyse Asia’s net zero transition and decarbonization activities in Singapore and the region.

Melvyn Yeo, Managing Partner of TRIREC added, “We are extremely pleased to partner with Alta in our third decarbonisation-focused fund, TVII. Since 2015, TRIREC has seen over 3,000 deals from both inbound and outbound channels, and we have been extremely selective with the firms we invest in. We are witnessing investor interest in emerging areas of growth and innovation in climate tech and are looking forward to tapping into Alta’s extensive network of global investors. This will enable us to extend the opportunities to invest in high-growth companies that are redefining how humanity tackles decarbonisation.”

TRIREC has successfully managed two funds and invested in over 20 decarbonisation companies, three of which have reached unicorn status. Importantly, TRIREC has also achieved successful exits for 3 of its portfolio companies previously. TVII is TRIREC’s third fund, further solidifying its position as one of the most established decarbonisation investment platforms globally.

TVII was launched in late 2023 and has made its first three investments in the following companies:

  1. Immaterial – UK-based company focused on developing novel nanoporous materials and systems for carbon capture and hydrogen storage at ultra-low cost and highest efficiencies.
  2. Fiutur – US-based start-up spun out of Xpansiv, a marketplace for environmental commodities,  focused on developing an end-to-end financial data platform that enables a universal tracking system for all environmental commodities and a centralised tracking platform across the ESG asset lifecycle.
  3. Type-1 Energy – US-based start-up harnessing advanced manufacturing methods, modern computational physics and innovations in high-temperature superconductors to develop stellarator systems.

In an era marked by evolving investor demands for liquidity and portfolio diversification, Alta provides diverse investment opportunities in private capital markets, including a wide range of alternative assets. Earlier in January, Alta announced a unique liquidity program for shareholders of Income Insurance Limited, a leading Singaporean insurer.

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As Asia’s leading licensed digital securities exchange for alternative investments, we believe that access to capital markets are pivotal in all economies and recognize that our role in building this critical infrastructure goes beyond facilitating trades; it paves the way for entrepreneurship, job creation, financial inclusion, and economic resilience, fostering a brighter future for emerging markets and economies.

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Established in 2016 and headquartered in Singapore, Alta operates offices globally and is the only integrated securities exchange, brokerage, and fund management group in Southeast Asia. Visit us on https://alta.exchange/  


Founded in 2015, TRIREC is a Singapore-headquartered SFDR Article 8 certified global venture capital investment firm. The mission is to drive decarbonisation focused investments for a more sustainable future. Having been pioneers and experienced managers in decarbonization, we have witnessed the progression of climate technology from its infancy to its current state of advancement.

TRIREC benefits from its robust ecosystem, fostering substantial deal flow by collaborating with global stakeholders. We invest in companies focused on decarbonisation solutions that actively contribute to the reduction and removal of greenhouse gas emissions. Our portfolio companies span across five decarbonisation verticals: Food and Agriculture, Mobility, Buildings, Industries and Energy. TRIREC will continue to capitalise on its deep and wide roots in Asia, to serve as a natural bridge between the East and West. Find out more about TRIREC’s portfolio and purpose: https://www.trirec.co/

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